Experience the joy of underwater hockey!

International underwater hockey tournament held in České Budějovice (Czechia) since 2005.

The goal of the tournament is to bring joy from a game together with fair play and a friendly environment for a reasonable price to players from all over the world no matter if they just started to play or have an established UWH community in their country.

🐽BUD PIG CUP 2024🐽 is over 🥇🥈🥉 and it was awesome because of all of you!!!😍 We hope, that after the Hard Rock party, you haven’t had a hard day.

See you next year!!!!😍



  • One-day (Saturday) tournament organized every spring, usually the last weekend of April.
  • Starts early morning (8 am) and lasts till the evening (7 pm).
  • Maximum 24 participating teams. 150 EUR per team.
  • 10-minute games with 2 minutes break in between.
  • Two fields with solid barriers.
  • Distinguishable signalization (buzzer and metal gong).
  • Open division (men’s and mixed teams); Ladies division (since 2014), Junior – U15 division (since 2024)
  • Three-water referee system. One pro referee (experienced referee, hired only for BPC) plus one referee from each team after a game.
  • A professional photographer is present at the pool for the whole day plus afterwards party.
  • Accommodation is organized by BPC in a student’s dormitory within walking distance from the pool (10 minutes). 20 EUR/person/night
  • Dinner with a prize-giving ceremony and party with live music (usually) for 20 EUR/person.
  • The main prize for the BPC winners (Open and Ladies division) is a real art masterpiece done by local sculpturer and UWH player Michal Trpák!

The city and how to get there:

České Budějovice is in the South Bohemia region of Czechia. There is a frequent connection by train and bus from Prague (where the Czech airport is) or from Linz (Austrian airport). You can find relevant connections and buy a ticket here https://idos.idnes.cz/en/. However, keep in mind that the last connection from Prague to České Budějovice leaves at 22:16 (train) or 22:20 (bus)!

A bit of history:

The city itself is (for the Czech’s) a middle-sized city with a population reaching 100K residents. It was founded in 1265 by King Přemysl Otakar II whose goal was to show that also this part of Bohemia was his and no one’s else. There were not many possible places to start. Finally, they chose a lowland at the junction of rivers Malše and Vltava which was a challenging environment to build a city. Possibly they should have started with the swimming pool and found underwater hockey a bit earlier than the British did. Kings’ “developer” Hirzo managed to overcome the fact of very wet soil and projected a city with a majestic central square. We advise you to take a walk through the city center on a lazy Sunday morning after the tournament. The pool where you, as a tournament participant, will spend most of the day is located on the island (Sokolský ostrov). The island is the result of sediments brought during the time by both rivers. Formerly it was used as a garden by monks from the nearby Dominican monastery. The monastery is the oldest Gothic building in the city, and you can

see it when waiting in front of the pool and looking to the center and a bit to the left. The city was loved by the emperor Karel IV. and we hope you will love it as well!

The first Czech team of UWH was established here in České Budějovice (1997), the club was named Serrasalmus (most of the players were students of the Faculty of Biology…). Czechs were still newies to the UWH when they, encouraged by their never-ending enthusiasm, decided to organize the first tournament here. It was called the 1st South Bohemian Underwater Stick (very original and complicated), and it was a part of the no longer organized Alpines underwater hockey league. Later (?) the tournament was, during some pub brainstorming, renamed to Bud Pig Cup. Motivation and inspiration for this new name are covered by rumors and tasty Czech beer. However, we like it, and we will keep it!

The venue:

The pool is open for attendees at least half an hour before the captain’s meeting. Each one gets a chip to enter the pool and to open the locker of the closet. Teams have to find their place to relax in between the games around the main pool. The venue consists of the main pool 50m x 20m, with a 1.8-2m depth. The deep jump pool (4m), jacuzzi, and steam rooms. The shallow (kids) pool and toboggan are closed during the tournament.


How can my team register for BPC?

We are opening the registration each year in January. This is announced on Facebook/Bud Pig Cup and the website www.uwh.cz/BPC. Applicants write their interest to budpigcup@gmail.com and thus become pre-registered. The system is “first come first served” till the divisions are full. Then the waiting list is made by the same system. The team is registered after paying the registration fee. If this is not fulfilled by the deadline then the spot in the division is open to the first team on the waiting list.

When is the date of BPC announced?

As soon as we have officially proven the pool reservation from the management, usually in autumn… Then we announce this on social media and website www.uwh.cz/BPC

Why there is a three-water referee system at BPC?

We want the games in our tournament to be fair for everyone as much as possible. We experienced that in the category of “fun” tournaments the level of referees varies a lot which can lead to some tough situations we would like to prevent. Therefore, we decided to run a three-water referee system. This system is a standard for a higher level of UWH tournaments, thus BPC brings the opportunity to try to ref in this system. Two out of three referees come from the teams that have just ended their match, the third water referee is the BPC-hired one. This referee should be experienced enough (Level 3, optionally) to keep the game smooth and fair during the whole time.

What does it mean to be a BPC-hired referee?

Each year we are searching for experienced (optionally Level 3 and higher) referees to help us run the tournament. We are hiring about ten referees for the tournament, and we schedule them to advise each game of the long day of playing. Usually, they have to look over ten games. We also enable referees to play in a team. We schedule them to be able to play in the team and ref afterward or before their match. This is of course possible only for the first half of the day. The schedule for the second half of the day is based on the results from the first half. Our referees are given 100 EUR plus free accommodation and a party.